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Prenatal Specialist

Kalpana Kumari, MD, FAAP -  - Pediatric Care

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Kalpana Kumari, MD, FAAP

Pediatric Care located in South Plainfield, NJ

The best time to start planning for pediatric care may be earlier than you think. A prenatal consultation with Kalpana Kumari, MD, FAAP, at Rise & Shine Pediatrics in South Plainfield, New Jersey, gives you the opportunity to meet your future child's pediatrician, share questions and concerns, and learn what kind of care your baby will need. It's the perfect time to get the answers you need in a quiet setting, while you're not yet distracted. Arrange your free prenatal consultation by using the online scheduler or calling the Rise & Shine Pediatrics location nearest you today. The practice serves the areas of Edison and Woodbridge.

Prenatal Q & A

What is a prenatal consultation?

A prenatal consultation is a pre-birth visit with the pediatrician who will care for your child. Generally, prenatal consultations happen in the latter part of your pregnancy.

Rise & Shine Pediatrics offers complimentary prenatal consultations because they want you to know and trust the team who will care for your child as they grow. When you’re already familiar with the care providers, it makes for much smoother and easier newborn visits.

What happens during my prenatal consultation?

In addition to meeting your child's pediatric care team, you'll also discuss information specific to your child and their care, including:

Your own health history

Discussing your own health history, and that of your child’s other parent, can help your child’s pediatrician predict potential issues or genetic conditions to be aware of. If you’re having specific symptoms or issues during pregnancy, you can also discuss those with your child’s pediatrician at this time. Be sure to share any pregnancy-related health concerns with your OB/GYN as well.

Your baby’s health

Your child’s pediatrician will explain what kind of care your baby will need during their newborn days, and when to schedule it. If prenatal testing has shown that your baby has a genetic condition or other health problem, you’ll learn what kind of specialized care your child will need.

Your questions and concerns

The Rise & Shine Pediatrics doctors always make time to answer your questions and address any concerns during prenatal consultations. As an expectant mom, it’s natural to have these questions and worries, and the pediatric team is here to reassure and support you.  

Prenatal consultations are relaxed visits that will help you feel comfortable with the dedicated providers who will be caring for your child. Because you’re acting as a team to ensure your child’s health as they grow, think of it as a team-building exercise.

If I am adopting a child, do I still need a prenatal consultation?

Absolutely! The goal of a prenatal consultation is to help you prepare and to get comfortable with your child’s care providers. If you’re adopting a child, you have the same desire to give your child a healthy start as any other parent.  Adoptive parent consultations can be tailored for any situation and age.

The ultimate goal is your child’s wellness, and the Rise & Shine Pediatrics team is here to help you ensure it. Book your free prenatal consultation online or by calling the location closest to you today.