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Medical Ear Piercing

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Kalpana Kumari, MD, FAAP

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Medical ear piercings are a major moment in any girl’s life, whether she’s tiny or a tween. As a parent, your main goal for ear piercing is a safe experience for your child, and that’s why you should rely on Kalpana Kumari, MD, FAAP, and the experienced team at Rise & Shine Pediatrics in South Plainfield, New Jersey. A highly trained medical professional performs all medical ear piercings, so you can rest easy knowing that your daughter will be well cared for by experts. Book your appointment online or by phone today. The practice is conveniently located near Edison and Woodbridge.

Ear Piercing Q & A

Why is medical ear piercing better than ear piercing in the mall?

Store employees who pierce ears with a piercing gun have little to no training or health care expertise. The providers at Rise & Shine Pediatrics treat a medical ear piercing like a medical procedure to ensure a safer experience. They can help your child avoid infection by providing a sterile environment and proper aftercare instructions.

What is the right age for medical ear piercing?

That's ultimately up to you as the parent. Your child's Rise & Shine Pediatrics provider can perform piercing at nearly any age, as long as your child has age-appropriate immunizations and you consent to the piercing. Typically, parents are encouraged to wait until their child is at least 6 months old. That’s because infants are at a higher risk of infection as their immune systems are still developing.

How do I decide the right location for the piercings?

Your child's Rise & Shine Pediatrics provider uses a surgical pen to mark the desired location on your child's ears before performing the procedure. This gives you the chance to evaluate the placement and decide if it looks centered. The doctor can move the dots if you don't like the location, and they'll never pierce before verifying placement with you and your child.

How can I prevent infection after my child's ears are pierced?

Make sure your child wears the earrings the doctor placed in their ears for the full recommended period of time rather than switching to another pair. Usually, this is 4-6 weeks. Apply the recommended solution (typically, rubbing alcohol) and antibiotic ointment twice daily according to your aftercare instructions. Carefully rotate the earrings daily.

If your child's ears grow red, produce significant discharge, or becoming painful, get in touch with their Rise & Shine Pediatrics care provider as soon as possible. Inflammation and pain may be signs of infection and could require antibiotics.

Medical ear piercing is a big moment for your child, and it can be a special and safe experience with the help of the Rise & Shine Pediatrics team. Book an appointment online or by phone today.