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Pediatric Doctor: Common Treatments and Services

One of the many decisions parents have to make when it comes to their newborn is finding the right pediatric doctor. It is a huge decision that can have a significant impact on a child's development. This article will educate you about the different types of pediatricians and the types of treatments and services they provide.

What is a pediatric doctor?

Pediatricians are medical doctors who specialize in managing the health of children. This includes dealing with mental, behavioral and physical issues children may have. Pediatricians are trained to detect and treat a wide range of childhood diseases, from minor ones to complicated diseases.

In addition to completing medical school, pediatricians complete a three-year pediatric program. Many also get board certifications, meaning they have passed exams administered by the American Board of Pediatrics.

Common treatments performed by a pediatric doctor

Pediatric doctors start seeing children from the time they are born. The frequency of these visits goes down as the child becomes older. A pediatrician is the first person parents should contact whenever a child falls sick.

Treatments commonly performed by a pediatrician include:

During birth, hospitals will often ask patients if they have a pediatrician. If the parent has one, the pediatrician will perform the baby's first evaluation. The pediatrician will see the child many other times after birth to make sure everything is in order.

Why your child needs a pediatrician

Family doctors also have the training to deal with most issues children deal with, so having a pediatrician is a choice each parent has to make. There are certain benefits to having a pediatrician, like:

Common issues children deal with

  1. Allergies and asthma

    When allergies run in the family, a child is more likely to have some. Allergies can also develop in a child when the parents are not prone to it. The ways children experience allergies often include: Rashes on the skin, asthma and allergic reactions.

    Asthma is one of the top reasons children are taken to emergency rooms or are hospitalized. It cannot be cured and it can continue even when the child is older. However, asthma can be kept in check with proper treatment.

    Children dealing with asthma or allergies require the services of a pediatric doctor.

  2. Cerebral palsy

    This refers to a group of disorders that can restrict a child's ability to control their body. It is typically caused by damage to the area that coordinates motor movement in the brain during pregnancy or birth. The symptoms of these disorders are not always visible early on.

Let's get started …

A pediatrician will give your child the proper medical care they need during childhood. Contact one of our pediatric doctors to learn more about the services they provide.

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