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Finding the Right Pediatrician for Autism

Finding the right pediatrician for autism will make it easier for an autistic child to receive the care they need. Asking a physician questions before bringing a child in can help to provide parents with peace of mind and also help to create a plan for how to treat the child and ensure they are comfortable during the appointments.

Questions to ask the pediatrician

It is important to ask questions to find out more about the pediatrician and what their experience is. Parents can ask these questions in advance so that when the child comes in for an appointment, everyone has an idea of what to expect. Here are some of the more important questions to ask when choosing a pediatrician for autism:

Do they diagnose autism or treat it?

Certain doctors can treat autism, while others diagnose it. Always ask what role a physician will play before scheduling an appointment. In our office, we provide ongoing treatment that can help a child get the treatment they need to live, function and feel comfortable in the world around them. Children with autism have special needs, so it is important for them to see a physician that can provide a high level of specialized care.

Developmental pediatricians

Developmental pediatricians are often called pediatricians for autism. This is mostly for their experience in treating and monitoring the development of the mind and body. With autism affecting the way a child grows, behaves and develops, these pediatricians provide insight into their world. They will recommend the best treatment plan and course of action that the child should take to better themselves. They may help calm the child in situations that make them uncomfortable and help them cope with the outside world around them, along with their fears of visiting the doctor. We as primary care doctors are well connected to local developmental pediatricians and other specialists in your area and will be able to refer your child to an appropriate facility after their initial evaluation. We also coordinate with all specialists/therapists involved in your child's care.

Why is it important to see a specialist?

Having the right pediatrician for autism is important for both the parents and the child. Patients will benefit from having a doctor who understands the condition and knows how to help. Plus, we can help implement best practices that can help children to live a balanced and healthy life. Those who have never treated an autistic child before may not have this insight.

Visit our office

We work with autistic children on a regular basis and would be happy to provide care for your child as well. To learn more about the services we provide and how we can help, schedule an appointment today.

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